September 16, 2008
Michael Sheehan

Physician's Money Digest, August31 2003, Volume 10, Issue 16

Asset Protection for Physicians andHigh Risk Business Owners

Perhaps the greatest threat to adoctor's financial well-being is alawsuit that can wipe out a lifetimeof careful fiscal planning. That's whyshielding your personal assets fromambitious litigators should be at thetop of your list of financial priorities.According to Robert J. Mintz, aCalifornia attorney and author of (FrancisO'Brien & Sons Publishing Co, Inc;1999), asset protection may alsostop a lawsuit before it begins bylowering the odds of collecting anyjudgment. Litigators looking fordeep-pocketed defendants (like successfuldoctors) are less willing torisk the expense of a lawsuit whenthey know the payoff will be small.For more information and a freeasset protection kit, which includesthe book, visit orcall 800-223-4291.