Physician's Money Digest, August31 2003, Volume 10, Issue 16

(Ad Age, 2003)

$1.3 billion—Total 2002 spending on US advertising by McDonald's.

(AARP, 2003)

80%—Percentage of baby boomers who plan to work part-time duringtheir retirement.

(US Defense Dept, 2003)

1.4 millionNumber of active US military personnel around the world.

(Wall Street Journal, 2003)

70%—Percentage of Americans who think the estate tax should berepealed completely.

(US Office of Management & Budget, 2003)

$13.3 billion—Total amount of annual improper Medicare payments.

(Giving USA, 2003)

$241 billion—Total charitable giving by Americans this past year.

(USDept of Transportation, 2003)

1.2—Average distance in miles a person goes to walk for exercise.

(Investor's Business Daily, 2003)

57.5%—Percentage of all US college graduates who are women.

(Mediamark Research, 2003)

42%—Percentage of teenagers in the United States who say "notenough money" is a cause of stress.

(Mediamark Research, 2003)

66%—Percentage of teenagers in the United States who say "a lot ofhomework" is a cause of stress.