Physician's Money Digest, August31 2003, Volume 10, Issue 16

One place where the deflationscenario is playing out is in home furnishingsand electronics. A price waris raging, especially in home computers,accessories, and small appliances.To drive the best bargain,know the best price before you goshopping. For electronics, a great siteis Shopper.com, where you can clickon the "Price Drops" area and gettwice-daily updates on bargains. Forfurniture and small appliances, visitBizrate.com for price comparisonsand links to online vendors. For largeappliances, try Epinions.com. Onceyou're armed with the best price, youcan either order online or take a tripto a local vendor and test your hagglingskills. Chances of getting yourprice are good, and you may even getsome other perks, like free delivery.