Physician's Money Digest, August31 2003, Volume 10, Issue 16

When it comes to per capitaincome, the United States is near thetop of the list. Take this country'sgross national income (GNI), divideit by the total population, and you'llfind the United States ranks sixth inper capita GNI, according to figuresfrom the World Bank. Our per capitaGNI of $34,870 is about 7 times theaverage for the entire world, andmore than 100 times that of somethird-world countries like Kenya. Itis 1.6 times the per capita GNI of adeveloped nation like Canada, 3times that of Greece, and 8 timesthat of Chile. The country with thetop per capita GNI is Liechtenstein,at $41,770, followed by Switzerland,at $36,970. Also ahead of theUnited States on the list are Japan,Norway, and Bermuda.