Physician's Money Digest, August31 2003, Volume 10, Issue 16

Physicians are often the target forhot stock tips, most of which areworth what you pay for them. If thesource of a tip is a broker or investmentadvisor, you can check out theirtrack record at the National Associationof Securities Dealers regulatoryWeb site ( If youplug in the name of former MerrillLynch broker Douglas Faneuil, forexample, you get information on hisformer employment and on any negativemarks on his record. You canrequest an e-mail report to getspecifics, which turn out to hinge onFaneuil's involvement in the ongoingMartha Stewart insider trading case.If you're being asked to invest infutures, go to the National FuturesAssociation ( tocheck up on any possible problems.