Physician's Money Digest, May 15 2003, Volume 10, Issue 9

(Reader's Digest, 2003)

43%—Percentage of all weddings thatare second marriages for at least 1 personinvolved.

(MyMedCab.com, 2003)

63%—Percentage of Americans whohave outdated medicines in theirhomes.

(WallStreet Journal, 2003)

67%—Percentage of Americans whosay they need a long vacation.

(JAMA, 2003)

45.7%—Percentage of current medicalschool students who are women.

Wheel of Fortune. (Ad Age, 2003)

$75,781 —Cost of a 30-second TV adon

Dr. Phil. ( Ad Age, 2003)

$24,982 —Cost of a 30-second TV adon

The Jerry Springer Show. (AdAge, 2003)

$16,000 —Cost of a 30-second TV adon

(Forbes, 2003)

$40.7 billion —New worth ofMicrosoft cofounder and chairman,Bill Gates.

(New YorkTimes, 2003)

$45 billion —Medicare spending onphysician services in 2002.

(New York Times, 2003)

$105 billion —Medicare spendingon inpatient hospital care in 2002.