Physician's Money Digest, May 15 2003, Volume 10, Issue 9

If computer-generated telemarketingcalls drive you up a wall, agizmo called the Telezapper (800-373-6290; mayrestore your sanity. The Telezapperworks by detecting computerizedcalls and hanging up on them. Evenbetter, the device emits a tone thattells the computer that your phonehas been disconnected, which causesthe computer to delete yournumber from its database. So thelonger you use Telezapper, the fewerannoying calls down the road. Thereare some drawbacks. If you havemore than 1 phone line, you'll needa Telezapper, which costs about$50, for each line. The Telezapperalso won't block telemarketing callsdialed by a human instead of a computer.And if your community usesan automated calling system towarn you about emergencies likeapproaching severe weather, theTelezapper will block those calls.