Cinema Consults: GANGS OF NEW YORK

Physician's Money Digest, August15 2003, Volume 10, Issue 15

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Gangs of New York

(2002): The buzz that surrounded this film as it first crept toward the theaters was deafening. Everyone seemed anxious to get a look at Scorsese's latest masterpiece. Unfortunately, hype is a double-edged sword; it raises expectations only to crash into disappointment. Such was the case with . This film had so much potential that it seemed to crack under pressure. The time period in which it is set, 1800s New York City, is a fascinating historical moment, and I was eager to see it tackled on film. Furthermore, the cast was also packed with talent, including 2 of my favorites—John C. Reily and Jim Broadbent. And, of course, at the helm is perhaps one of the greatest directors of our time, Martin Scorsese. What could possibly go wrong? Well, the script, for starters, seemed too complicated and too simple for its own good. The historic backdrop was so interesting that the revenge tale and love story that tried to drive the plot seemed more like a distraction. The only actor who truly held my attention was Daniel Day-Lewis. His larger- than-life portrayal of Bill the Butcher was worth the 168 minutes I spent watching this movie. Overall this is a good film, but it falls short of my expectations.

Rating: 2 1/2

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