Physician's Money Digest, August15 2003, Volume 10, Issue 15

When William Bernstein, MD, apracticing neurologist, author, andinvestment guru, looks at howAmericans are planning for retirement,he gets the shivers. The days ofdouble-digit stock market gains werea blip, Dr. Bernstein says, and moneymanagers and financial newsletterwriters have no silver bullets to helpyou make a killing in the market.Asset allocation is the key. The recentbear market should have helped youget a handle on your risk tolerance,which can serve as a matrix for yourasset allocation. Also, if you're inyour 50s and the bears have eatenmost of your nest egg, it's time tohunker down—spend less, savemore, and watch your investmentcosts. For more of Dr. Bernstein'smarket insights, visit his Web site