Physician's Money Digest, August15 2003, Volume 10, Issue 15

(FCC, 2003)

$40.11—Average home cable TV bill in 2002.

(Time, 2003)

$9.5 million—Earnings by former president Bill Clinton for speaking engagements in 2002.

(BusinessWeek, 2003)

53%—Annual percentage of US business schools with a drop in applications.

(Health, 2003)

67%—Percentage of all flowers and floral arrangements that are purchased by women.

Terminator 3

(Wall Street Journal, 2003)

$27 million—Arnold Schwarzenegger's salary for acting in .

(Forbes, 2003)

$22,000—Average education debt for a college graduate.


Today, 2003)

$17 million—Income in 2002 for Prince Charles of Great Britain.

(Washington Times, 2003)

$227,520—Annual salary for the chief medical examiner of Denver, Colo.

(Fortune, 2003)

2.7 billion—Number of donuts produced by Krispy Kreme in 2002.

(The Kiplinger Letter, 2003)

32%—Percentage of college students who voted in the 2000 presidential election.