Physician's Money Digest, August15 2003, Volume 10, Issue 15

Without basic tax reform, the taxcode gets more complicated everyyear. That complexity not onlymakes filing tax returns more difficult, but it also makes it harder toexplain how to do it right. In 1975,the instruction booklet for filling outForm 1040 was about 40 pages long;today, it runs to 126 pages. Today's1040A form, known as the shortform, is twice as long as the standard1040 form was 60 years ago. Thetotal number of pages for all IRSpublications is up 26% in just 2years. And if you decide to let someoneelse do your taxes, it will costyou more. The average fee forpreparing a tax return at H&R Blockis up nearly 10% over last year.