Physician's Money Digest, July15 2003, Volume 10, Issue 13

Are you a doctor who loves to surfthe Internet or send e-mails? By far,the cheapest way to get onto theinformation superhighway is througha dial-up service provider like AOLor MSN, which costs less than $24 amonth. Or you can get accessthrough Juno (www.juno.com) forless than half that price. For fastersurfing, a cable modem may be theway to go, but you'll pay about $45 amonth plus the price of the equipmentand software you need to hookit up. Ditto on costs for a high-speeddigital subscriber line (DSL), whichneeds a special phone line from yourlocal phone company. Cable modemand DSL hookups aren't availablein all areas. Check www.dslreports.com to see if you can sign on.The latest and most costly option issatellite service, which can run$580 for a dish, plus monthlycharges between $60 and $70. Formore facts, check out DirecTV(www.directv.direcway.com).