Physician's Money Digest, July15 2003, Volume 10, Issue 13

Talk is getting cheaper, if you knowwhere to find the bargains. Butconsumers are also finding that cheapcalls may come at the expense of offers a 2.5cents/minute rate if you dial 1 of thecompany's local access numbers beforepunching in the number you'recalling, and 2.9 cents/minute if youuse its toll-free number. Some phonecards offer you rates as low as 1.5cents/minute, but you first have to dialan 800-number plus a pin, which canbe as long as 12 digits. GTC Telecom( offers a 5cents/minute rate that only asks youto dial "1" plus the number you'recalling. GTC charges a fee of $1.95 amonth if you choose to get a paperbill; pay online with your credit cardand there's no monthly charge. Tocompare long-distance plans, checkout A Bell Tolls (