Physician's Money Digest, July15 2003, Volume 10, Issue 13

Star performers:

For the first time, the JD Power'squality survey revealed the autoindustry's worst, as well as best,based on auto lines' number of consumercomplaints per 100 vehicles.Apparently, money doesn't guaranteequality—4 of the 5 worst-rankingcars were luxury or premium brands.Topping the list of complaints wereGM's Hummer with 225, followedby Land Rover with 190, Kia with168, BMW AG's MINI with 166,and Saab with 160. The industryaverage remained the same as lastyear at 133. Lexus,with only 76 problems (a 13%improvement over last year), Cadillacwith 103, Infiniti, 110, Acura, 111,and Buick, 112. The most commonconsumer complaints were windnoise and fuel consumption. Not surprisingly,Hummer's 11-mile/gallonH-2 received the majority of its complaintsfor lousy gas mileage. Butthen again, Hummers aren't exactlymarketed for their fuel-efficiency.