Model Portfolio Series: Aggressive Growth

Physician's Money Digest, July15 2003, Volume 10, Issue 13

Following is a quarterly update of the aggressive growth model portfolio. During the next 2 months, we'll update the conservative growth and equity income portfolios. During the past quarter, Honeywell International, Impac Mortgage Holdings, Kensey Nash, Liquidmetal Technology, Vignette, and Wyeth were replaced with Clorox Co, Cox Radio, Innkeepers USA Trust, Intel Corp, and Thermo Electron Corp in the portfolio. As of June 15, 2003, the portfolio consisted of 17 stocks selected based on analyst recommendations and predictability level (ie, level 1 predictability meaning more predictable, level 2 predictability meaning less predictable). Since the data may have changed, contact 800-316-7015 or for updates.

Since this portfolio is hypothetical, it does not contain any investor assets. The decisions were not made under the same conditions as those for an actual account. There can be no assurance that the author would have made the same decisions or achieved the same level of performance if managing an actual account. The hypothetical performance of this model may be of limited value in evaluating the author's past or future performance. The author manages other hypothetical accounts, as well as actual taxable and tax-exempt accounts, and recommends the purchase or sale of securities for individuals and institutions. The performance of his actual accounts may be materially better or worse than that of the model portfolio.