Physician's Money Digest, July31 2003, Volume 10, Issue 14

Many physicians approaching retirementmay live in an expensivehouse, while cutting their spending toavoid outliving their savings. Fallinginvestment assets also pose a challengefor a comfortable retirement. Inthat situation, a reverse mortgagemay be a workable solution. Reversemortgages come in many shapes—you can open a home equity line ofcredit and borrow money as neededor arrange for regular monthly payments.You don't pay back the loanuntil the house is sold, when the proceedsof the sale go to pay off theloan. If there's any cash left over, itgoes to you or your heirs. If the housesells for less than the loan, the lenderabsorbs the loss. Reverse mortgagesare tricky; for a more in-depthoverview of how they work,