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Physician's Money Digest, July31 2003, Volume 10, Issue 14

This film, which can be rentedfrom your local video store, israted on a scale of 1 to 4 caducei:


Mrs. Dalloway

(2002): This filmfollows the lives of3 women living indifferent time periods,linked by anovel that reflectstheir emotional turmoil.The first woman,Virginia Woolf(Nicole Kidman), iscomposing the aforementionednovel, , whilehopelessly struggling against suicidalthoughts. Nearly 30 yearslater, the second woman, LauraBrown (Julianne Moore), isbeing emotionally strangled bythe restrictions and expectationsof 1950's suburbia. And the thirdwoman, Clarissa Vaughn (MerylStreep), a literary editor in 2000,comes face-to-face with herflawed notions of happiness. Thecast is stellar with wonderfulsupporting roles brilliantly executedby John C. Reilly and ToniCollette. Moore's performancewas my favorite out of theensemble; the turmoil her characteris living with is palpable.This film is not a "feel good"flick. The performances are rawand the topic—women dealingwith depression—is bleak. Thesensitive viewer will leave thisfilm with a great weight on theirmind. But hopefully, this filmwill also teach its audience thathappiness and emotional contentmentshould never be takenfor granted, because not everyoneis fortunate enough to experiencethem.

Rating: 3 1/2

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