Learn How to Swing Like a Professional

Physician's Money Digest, June30 2003, Volume 10, Issue 12

Ever wish you could swing like TigerWoods? Well, here's your chance toturn that dream into a reality. To createa powerful swing, you will need to incorporatethe following techniques intoyour back swing.

It is vital that your left shoulder turnsbehind the ball, with your right legremaining flexed (ie, bent) during theback swing. At the top of the back swing,your left shoulder should point a coupleof inches behind the ball (from your perspective),while your right leg remainsflexed and your right knee works insideyour right foot. This allows you to buildup power during your back swing.

You can best achieve this move byplacing the golf club across both of yourshoulders and then taking your addressposition (ie, the position of your body inrelation to the ball just before you startyour swing). After you have done this,it's time to take a swing. At the top ofthe back swing, the golf club (head orgrip) should point behind your ball. Thisis the position you want to have at thetop of your back swing.

Adrian Davies is a former European

Tour player and European

director of golf for David

Leadbetter. He has been a PGA

Class A professional for 19

years and is affiliated with the

Links in Shirley, Long Island. He welcomes

questions at adavies@palmergolf.com.