"Retirement": You Can Quote Me on That

Physician's Money Digest, June30 2003, Volume 10, Issue 12

Physician's Money Digest

The predicament is all tooreal for many of today'sphysicians. You want toretire but you can't. Countless contactswith readers over the years confirm thatthe vast majority of doctors are worriedabout being able to provide fora comfortable retirement.

While it's a fact that now—more than ever—doctors mustwork harder and plan smarter tobuild for a fulfilling retirement,there's more to happiness than justmoney. A doctor's successful retirementplanning also requires afirm spiritual underpinning.

Being a person who loves a goodwitticism, I did some research anddiscovered a few insightful andthoughtful quotes about retirement:

The things that should accompany

old age: fairly good health to

the end, an unceasing interest in

life, and the affectionate esteem of

a large circle of friends.

• —William Olser, MD

A doctor is happiest twice in

life—the day they hang up a diploma

and the day they take it down.

• —Howard J. Bennett, MD

Our lives begin to end the day

we become silent about the things

that matter.

• —Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

How far you go in life depends

on your being tender with the young,

compassionate with the aged, sympathetic

with the striving, and tolerant

of the weak and strong. Because

someday in your life you will have

been all of these.

• —George Washington Carver

Be happy while you're living, for

you're a long time dead.

• —Scottish Proverb

Love prefers twilight to daylight.

• —Oliver Wendell Holmes, MD

There is an enormous number

of managers who have retired on

the job.

• —Peter Drucker

A person can stand almost anything

except for a succession of ordinary


• —Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Don't think of retiring from the

world until the world will be sorry

that you retired.

• —Samuel Johnson

Sooner or later I'm going to die,

but I'm not going to retire.

• —Margaret Mead

The harder you work, the harder

it is to surrender.

• —Coach Vince Lombardi

I have never liked working. To

me a job is an invasion of privacy.

• —Danny McGoorty,Irish pool player

The trouble with the rat race is

that even if you win, you're still a rat.

• —Lilly Tomlin

I retired because of illness and

fatigue. The fans were sick and tired

of me.

• —Coach John Ralston

Now get back to work, doctors.