Claus Bachert, MD, PhD: Dupilumab for Nasal Polyps

The researcher from Ghent University in Belgium discussed the improved quality of life patient with severe nasal polyps experience with monoclonal antibodies.

We have done studies with dupilumab, and these studies show it works really nicely. It reduces nasal polyps scores, the mass and volume of nasal polyps, and without the symptoms that patients often have. Can't breathe — can breathe again. Can't smell — can smell again. And quality of life is improving, obviously.

Patients are really more fit and feel much better. We have a score out of 100 — the patient may feel like 75 out of 100, in terms of problems. And that goes down to 10, which is an enormous difference. Those patients also profit from lowered airways, lung function getting better, asthma control is better.

These studies, which have currently been running for 4 months, are now in a phase 3 status, and we will have studies running for over 1 year, hopefully showing that the disease can be eradicated in a way. Probably, as long as you take the drug, but hopefully you can stop the drug, but that's not here yet.

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