DocTalk Tweet Chat "Finding Solutions in Physician Burnout" Scheduled for July 24


Burnout non-profit founder Janae Sharp will lead a chat on what's working in addressing physician burnout—and what's still lacking.

The problem is well known. It’s time for a check-in on the solutions.

In this week’s #DocTalk Tweet Chat, Janae Sharp, founder of Sharp Index—a non-profit organization that drives data science and awareness campaigns toward physician burnout reduction—joins MD Magazine in a discussion on “Findings Solutions in Physician Burnout.”

#DocTalk is a weekly conversation featured on Twitter that focuses on the biggest issues in healthcare today. Join us Wednesday, July 24, 2 PM EST for the start of our chat, featuring co-host Janae Sharp (@CoherenceMed).

From her perspective as both a professional advocate for improved healthcare practices, as well as a firsthand observer of burnout’s effect on a loved one, Sharp will lead discussion on the following questions and topics:

  • How does burnout manifest in your workplace?
  • In what spaces are clinical assessment of burnout bettering response? How could it improve?
  • Has burnout and its earliest symptoms and drivers become too embedded into the US physician education system?
  • Where are there still gaps—in terms of assessment, discussion, and resolution—to treating healthcare burnout?
  • How has media influenced the current understanding of burnout? Has it been for a benefit?
  • Name the most overlooked driver of burnout in US healthcare, right now.
  • What is the total cost of burnout?
  • How could friends, family members, and colleagues help spot and respond to physician burnout?

We invite all interested Twitter users to participate in the chat and contribute their own perspective and questions.

Be sure to search for “#DocTalk,” follow MD Mag on Twitter (@MDMagazine), and look for the social media icon signifying the chat:

DocTalk, tweet chat, physicians, burnout

If you’re a frequent Twitter user with a background in healthcare and interest in leading a #DocTalk chat with your colleagues, contact us here.

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