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Florida Teens Arrested for Facebook Bullying

Social media has reared its ugly head again, and this time, it has resulted in felony charges for two teens for harassing a classmate.

Two high school students in Estero, FL, were arrested after they reportedly created fake Facebook profiles to bully one of their classmates.

According to a local NBC affiliate, the two girls—Taylor Wynn, 16, and McKenzie Barker, 15—were charged with aggravated stalking of a minor under 16 years of age. Investigators say the girls posted lewd comments and obscene pictures of the victim, an unidentified teenage girl, on two Facebook accounts that were created at Wynn's home in April 2010.

According to a Lee County Sheriff's Office report, the profiles—which allowed other students to view pictures and make comments about the victim—were created to make it look like she created them herself.

An article posted in the NY Daily News reports that the Facebook page included an image of the victim’s head on a "nude prepubescent girl's body," according to the police report. Another picture on the fake Facebook page showed a vulgar photo of the victim, along with a lewd comment.

Police became involved after a sheriff assigned to the school was notified of the incident. After speaking with numerous students, he called the FBI's Innocent Images Task Force in April. Two weeks later, the sheriff received information that another Facebook account was created of the victim, with similar art.

While the girls claimed it was all done in good fun, the victim didn't quite see it that way.

"The victim was subjected to numerous incidents of teasing and ridicule for an ongoing period of time as a result of the fictitious Facebook account," investigators wrote in the report.

Even while facing charges, the alleged bullies seemed to have no regrets.

When asked by her mother, in front of police, what would possess her to do such a thing, Wynn reportedly replied, "Because nobody liked her."

The Florida students, unfortunately, weren't the first ones to get into hot water for creating a fake Facebook page.

In September 2009, an Illinois mother sued on behalf of her son after a fake Facebook page identified him as being gay, ABCnews.com reported.

"It's not a surprise," Parry Aftab, the executive director of WiredSafety.org, told ABCNews at the time. "It's not a surprise, and it's sad that it happens as often as it does."

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