Michael Jackson Dies Following Cardiac Arrest

Official reports note that Michael Jackson went into cardiac arrest before being rushed to the hospital.

Michael Jackson’s death has resulted in global shockwaves, as fans mourn one of the most recognizable figures in the world; however, some details of his death remain a mystery. Official reports note that the singer went into cardiac arrest before being rushed to the hospital. While fans and officials wait on the results of an autopsy, the search for Jackson’s doctor is on, as investigators will likely want to discuss the exact details of the death, including treatment and the protocol that was taken.

With this in mind, it’s appropriate to provide information from the American Heart Association regarding the treatment of cardiac arrest. Per the AHA’s website:

Immediate treatment is essential to survival of cardiac arrest. The problem isn't whether cardiac arrest can be reversed but reaching the victim in time to do so. The American Heart Association supports implementing a "chain of survival" to rescue people who suffer cardiac arrest. The chain consists of:

• Early recognition of the emergency and activation of the emergency medical services (EMS).

• Early defibrillation when indicated.

• Early bystander CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation).

• Early advanced life support followed by postresuscitation care delivered by healthcare providers

The site also mentions that cardiac arrest is reversible if treated with the first few minutes. Whether or not anyone was able to detect what was wrong with Michael Jackson in the precious few moments following his cardiac arrest, we may never know. Details are sure to surface once autopsy results and all gathered information is pieced together.

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