Physician's Money Digest, May 31 2003, Volume 10, Issue 10

The FTC may be taking its timedeveloping a nationwide do-not-calllist, but several individual states havesuch laws already in place. Coldcallers who ignore them can get morethan a slap on the wrist. And whennovice stockbrokers are advised tomake an average of 150 calls a day,the chances of stepping over the legalline are higher. Fines are gettingsteeper, too, with 1 firm getting hitwith a $24,300 penalty by Indiana,where the initial fines can go as highas $10,000. Initial fines in otherstates like Pennsylvania range from$1000 and up. More than half ofthe states have do-not-call legislationon the books and about adozen more are considering it. Note:The FTC list, although it wouldcover the entire country, would notapply to financial service firms.