Physician's Money Digest, June15 2003, Volume 10, Issue 11


If you know a physician-colleaguewho's going through toughfinancial times, don't always assumeit was personal extravagancethat landed your friend in hot soup.There are many factors that canlead to a doctor's troubled financialpicture, including a listless economy,soaring malpractice rates, andfee pressures from managed careplans. Some sympathy may be inorder, rather than a harsh judgmenton their money management skills.Lending money only addsanother name to your friend's list ofcreditors; it's better to offer someemotional support, like a 1-on-1talk about money matters. Also,don't invite your friend to functionsthat will cost money; an invitationto Friday night dinner at yourhome may be a better idea.