Physician's Money Digest, June15 2003, Volume 10, Issue 11


Bouncing a check is not onlyembarrassing, but also costs youmoney in bank fees and can trashyour financial reputation. Just asthere are companies that track yourcredit history, there are firms thatmonitor how well you manage yourchecking account. A bounced checkcan stay on your record for as long as7 years, and can make it harder foryou to open a new checking accountor pay for goods or services by check.Under the Fair Credit ReportingAct, if you're denied a new account,you can get the name of the companythat gave the bank the report onyour checking history. Ask for a copyof the report and request that anyerrors be changed. If you're usedto floating close to the edge with yourchecking account, get an accountwith overdraft protection.