Cinema Consults: CATCH ME IF YOU CAN

Physician's Money Digest, June15 2003, Volume 10, Issue 11

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Me If You Can


Eating Gilbert Grape?

(2002): If you couldswap careers withoutthe trappings ofeducation or experience,what identitywould you assume?A teacher? A pilot?A lawyer? If youwere Frank Abagnale Jr, youcould be all of the above. Basedon the true story of Abagnale'scrimes and adventures, is a thoroughlyentertaining drama/comedy/crime/chase film that is quickpacedas well as highly stylized.Leonardo Di Caprio's portrayalof this legendary imposter is hisbest performance since (a performancefor which he should havewon the Oscar®). Perhaps themost compelling segment of thefilm is Abagnale's impersonationof a doctor, where sheerconfidence and a slew of TVlandmedical jargon are all heneeds to pull it off.Tom Hanksalso gives a great performancein the role of Carl Hanratty, anFBI agent who relentlesslytracks Abagnale. The relationshipbetween these 2 charactersis a foil to Abagnale's loving, yettroubled, relationship with hisfather (Christopher Walken),who, in a way, is Abagnale'sinspiration in his becoming ahighly successful fraud andimposter. This movie with itsgreat plot, good character development,sleek costumes, andcompelling musical score is veryenjoyable to watch.


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