Quan Dong Nguyen on Pioneering Aflibercept, Ranibizumab, and Sirolimus

Nguyen has had the fortune of having been involved in the trials of all three.

In addition to working on the phase 3 SAKURA trials of sirolimus for noninfectious uveitis, Quan Dong Nguyen, MD, from the Byers Eye Institute at Stanford has had the good fortune to have been involved in the early trials of two other major ophthalmologic agents.

At ARVO2017, Nguyen spoke to MD Magazine about the experience of having been involved from the very beginning with the testing of ranibizumab and aflibercept as well.

“I feel myself very fortunate that, throughout my career thusfar, I have seen two of the molecules, and happened to be one of the first ones to test them in the world, that have been approved by the FDA for treatment,” he said, reminiscing later on the pride that comes with having a candidate molecule exceed expectations and become a major, viable treatment.

“This is work that I really believe really makes a difference for our patients. When we explain to our residents and our fellows and our students that everyone should really consider performing research if you want to be a good clinician scientist, it’s not something abstract. It’s something that can make a difference in helping save or restore vision for our patients.”